A prime location in the heart of Melbourne's arts precinct

Guild offers residents an unrivalled metropolitan lifestyle with melbourne's premiere cultural institutions at their doorstep

Living at Guild


Timber floors and polished concrete ceilings define Guild’s spacious and modern apartments, designed to be open, functional and versatile homes.

Celebrated as the focal point of the apartments, the central kitchen with European appliances follows a sleek design with natural colours and textures, and a minimalist feel with flawless lines and a seamless finish.

A bright and spacious lounge area completes the combined cooking and living space, perfect for a busy urban lifestyle.


Guild offers outstanding facilities to residents, including cafés, restaurants and theatre space, as well as an exclusive swimming pool, gym and steam room. Complementing these are two private roof gardens offering not only an additional place to relax and enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Melbourne, but also barbequing facilities for those summer evenings and weekends entertaining.


A prime location in the heart of Melbourne’s arts precinct, Guild offers residents an unrivaled metropolitan lifestyle with top artistic and cultural attractions including the Melbourne Theatre Company, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, and the National Gallery of Victoria, at their doorstep.


Guild augments the existing art and cultural attractions of the area through its own artistic values. These include a series of exclusive ‘art-incubators’ which line the building’s main thoroughfare that is set to feature the work of new and emerging local talent, and a huge exterior work currently being selected from a list of prominent Melbourne artists.


Guild is committed to energy efficiency and has been awarded a six star rating from the National House Energy Rating Scheme. The Scheme is an official energy rating system for assessing the potential thermal comfort of Australian homes.


Moving in

Welcome to Guild, we’re looking forward to you making your home here. The information below is design to ensure a smooth transition into your new home. Make sure you also review the Do’s and Don’ts guide before moving into Guild.

All relevant forms are available at the bottom of the page.


At least a week before you plan to move, complete a Move In form, along with a Pet Register form if applicable, and submit these to the Building Manager – either at the office or by emailing info@guildapartments.com.au.

Ensure you book a removalist who has public liability and workers compensation insurance.

Please note, you must book all move-ins, move-outs and deliveries with the Building Manager for between Monday and Friday. If you or your contractors arrive on a weekend, a public holiday or without a prior booking, you may be refused access.


Removal trucks can’t enter the car park due to the 2.1m clearance – please advise your removalist to park in the loading bay area at the Moore Street entrance, and not to park between the car park entry and exit roller doors at any time. Transport all furniture, boxes and bulky items through the Moore Street entry and lift – never through the front lobbies or lifts – and be aware you are responsible for any damage caused to common areas during your move. Don’t dump packing boxes, paper, bottles or other hard rubbish in the foyers, corridors, fire stairs, car park, bin areas or the rear or front of the building – you may be charged a cleaning fee.


Guild has preferential arrangements with Win Energy, though other providers are available.

Each apartment is individually metered and billed by Origin Gas for its hot water usage. However, gas consumption for cooktops are covered through the Owners Corporation budget. You are required to complete the Origin Move In form before occupying your apartment. On termination of lease or sale of property you will need to complete the Origin Move Out form. To connect with Win Energy, please download  the Intermediary Sale of Energy Agreement form. Please liaise directly with the utilities suppliers regarding any connection issues.

All forms are available for download at the bottom of the page.

If you have any questions, please contact the building managers.


At least a week before you plan to move, complete a Move In/Out form, along with the inspection report on the reverse side, and submit to the Building Manager. You must book all move-outs with the Building Manager for between Monday and Friday. If you or your contractors arrive on a weekend, a public holiday or without a prior booking, you may be refused access.


The keys to the apartment are restricted, the supplier will not receive orders for additional keys unless the Building Manager verifies the identity of the owner/occupier. If you are an owner, please email the Building Manager on  info@guildapartments.com.au to verify your order request to the supplier. If you are tenant, please request your Managing Agent to email the Building Manager on info@guildapartments.com.au to verify your order request to the supplier. The supplier will individually invoice for your order, and until payment is received will not mail the keys to your nominated address. Building Manager will not pay or receive any keys on behalf of the owner/occupier/& or managing agent and will not accept liability for any loss or delays suffered by the action of the supplier.

Supplier details:

Matnick Security & Williamstown Locksmiths

Ph: 03 9300 8899 Fax: 03 9310 1866

Email: locksmith@matnicksecurity.com.au